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We are licensed, independent, and highly experienced policy seller’s advocates, representing policy sellers longer than anyone else in the industry. We will sell your life insurance policy for cash!

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Innovative Settlement’s Mission

Innovative Settlements brokers life insurance policies to procure the highest cash life settlements or viatical settlements that the market can bear. We represent only policy sellers rather than investors. We take pride in creating unique, long term relationships with our clients, educating them on what life insurance settlements are and how to use them to best maximize their benefit.

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Life Settlements

Life settlements are the sale of a life insurance policy in which the insured is over 65 and does not have a life-threatening illness. Not every individual is a candidate for a life settlement, but through client education and record review, together, we will determine if this is an appropriate action for you or your loved one.

Viatical Settlements

A viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy of an insured individual who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and is expected to live less than 24 months. We handle viatical settlements with the utmost respect, compassion, and confidentiality.

Why Choose Innovative Settlements?

Innovative Settlements has specialized in brokering life insurance policies since 1992. We were the first company to obtain a specific license to do so. From the beginning, we have always represented the consumer (the policy seller). We are completely independent with no ties to any funding or purchasing entity, enabling us to create more completion for your policy. This ensures that we can shop around for the best possible settlement for all of the policyholders that we represent.

About Innovative Settlements

Innovative Settlements(R) was one of the Nation’s very first companies formed to specialize in life insurance settlements. At this time, we are the only company that has consistently represented the consumer (the policy seller) and never the investors for more than two decades. This means that we are exclusively the policy sellers advocate. We are committed to helping every one of our clients get the highest settlement possible.

Our Clients Are Our Family.

See what they have to say!

“I’m happy to report that after working with Carole and her team at Innovative Settlements, I received an amount not only higher than the cash value but significantly more than the premiums paid in over 20 years!

This happy client is pleased to recommend without reservation the firm of Innovative Settlements.  They originally came to our attention being described as original players in this game in a Wall Street Journal article and further reinforced by favorable reference in another national business publication.”


Dear Carole,

I want to thank you Carole for your assistance. You put your all into helping during our time of need. Marsha my loving wife of 35 years passed away Easter Sunday. Her dream was to re-visit Hawaii, she had been there on a high school trip when she was a teen. I wanted so much to give her this and all I could before the cancer took it all away.

I wish I had heard of your service just a few months sooner. I am still thankful for your compassion and professional efforts, you took our request and ran with it. The clock and the cancer took it all away to soon. I thank you Carole, I would recommend your service to anyone. I would recommend you to anyone who would ask about you as a person and as a professional.

Richard Jordan

Dear Carole,

So pleased that we sold my policy when we did [8/98]. By now, my premiums would be close to ten thousand dollars a year, really too much for me to pay. Pity the guys who bought my policy. I’m determined to outlive the policy, not for spite, but simply because I like being alive.

Len O.

Thank you, Carole! Thanks again for the effort, the encouragement, and the education. Throughout the process, I felt we were in good hands.

Joe Q.

Carole, I am quite happy with the outcome. For the first time since medical school I will be out of debt. That alone takes quite a bit of stress out of my life. Cancer is stressful enough without financial worries. Now I can concentrate on being the best physician possible for my little disabled patients. Thanks!

Janet N.

Fiedler Financial helped me through the maze of questions that arose when considering whether or not to sell my life insurance policy. After doing so in 1995 I was able to once again focus on the things that I love to do, one of which is traveling! I have been able to travel the globe not worrying about my finances and have been living life to the fullest.

The friendship I have formed with Carole, 4 years ago, is still going strong!

Thank you, Carole, for making it all possible!

David Enos