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In my 20 years in this field as a life settlement and viatical settlement expert, I’ve met amazing and strong people and families. Building close and trusting relationships with my clients is the most important part of the settlement process. While I can say how important these relationships are to me, my clients say it best. Take a look at our testimonials below.

“I’m happy to report that after working with Carole and her team at Innovative Settlements, I received an amount not only higher than the cash value but significantly more than the premiums paid in over 20 years!

This happy client is pleased to recommend without reservation the firm of Innovative Settlements.  They originally came to our attention being described as original players in this game in a Wall Street Journal article and further reinforced by favorable reference in another national business publication.”



Fiedler Financial helped me through the maze of questions that arose when considering whether or not to sell my life insurance policy. After doing so in 1995 I was able to once again focus on the things that I love to do, one of which is traveling! I have been able to travel the globe not worrying about my finances and have been living life to the fullest.

The friendship I have formed with Carole, 4 years ago, is still going strong!

Thank you, Carole, for making it all possible!

David Enos

Thank you, Carole! Thanks again for the effort,
the encouragement, and the education. Throughout the process, I felt we were in good hands.

Joe Q. November, 2006

Dear Carole,

Thank you very much for the expeditious manner you handled everything. You were very compassionate and my father and I appreciate it. This whole thing has relieved a lot of my Dad’s stress. Now he can take care of my mom, spend time with her and not have to worry about working for awhile. Thank you for your hard work and caring nature.

Sincerely, N.H., Sacramento, CA December 2003

Dear Carole,

I want to thank you Carole for your assistance. You put your all into helping during our time of need. Marsha my loving wife of 35 years passed away Easter Sunday. Her dream was to re-visit Hawaii, she had been there on a high school trip when she was a teen. I wanted so much to give her this and all I could before the cancer took it all away.

I wish I had heard of your service just a few months sooner. I am still thankful for your compassion and professional efforts, you took our request and ran with it. The clock and the cancer took it all away to soon. I thank you Carole, I would recommend your service to anyone. I would recommend you to anyone who would ask about you as a person and as a professional.

Richard Jordan, Anchorage Alaska, June 4, 2003

My warmest wishes to you for 7 years in a very tough profession. May GOD grant you many more healthy years to serve the people you care for. You have survived because you do care about the policy holder and deal in an ethical manner with them and the funders. Thanks for your help with my case and for being my friend

Arsen M., August 2001

Dear Carole,

So pleased that we sold my policy when we did [8/98]. By now, my premiums would be close to ten thousand dollars a year, really too much for me to pay. Pity the guys who bought my policy. I’m determined to outlive the policy, not for spite, but simply because I like being alive

Len O., July, 2001

ConsumerReportsArline Maisel, her three brothers, and two sisters despaired when they learned in mid-1997 that their dad, stricken with prostate cancer, had six months to live. With three children still at home to support, Hank Maisel, 61, was too ill to work, and a failed business deal had left him broke. “He was only a few payments away from losing the house,” says Arline. By selling half of Hank’s only asset, a $500,000 term-life insurance policy, however, the Maisels were able to raise enough to meet medical expenses and clear up debts.

Hank died in 1999, and, says Arline, “I am convinced he lived an extra year thanks to the money.

Consumer Reports, Feb. 2001

Carole, I am quite happy with the outcome. For the first time since medical school I will be out of debt. That alone takes quite a bit of stress out of my life. Cancer is stressful enough without financial worries. Now I can concentrate on being the best physician possible for my little disabled patients. Thanks!

Janet N, Texas, January 2001

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