Why Choose Innovative Settlements?

Because we care about you the most.

As a life settlement and viatical settlement specialist, our mission is to inform, educate, advise, and counsel.  Should a policy sale be your best option, we are your advocate, putting our OVER 20 years of experience and proficient negotiation skills to work on your behalf. Here are a few reasons to choose Innovative Settlements as your life settlement and viatical settlement specialist:

  • Innovative Settlements is a brokerage firm that has access to all providers nationwide. We target those providers who we know from experience would be most interested in any particular policy and pay most competitively.
  • Innovative Settlements is completely independent. This ensures that we shop around for the best possible settlement for all policyholders that we represent.
  • Life insurance settlements (viatical settlements and life settlements) are all we do; and we only represent the policy sellers. There is never a conflict of interest.
  • We always put the policy seller first. You will find the personalized service you receive from us second to none.
  • Our CEO, Carole Fiedler, is involved in every settlement .
  • We appreciate how to handle all high-profile clients where discretion is an absolute must.
  • We have been in the life insurance settlements business since its inception (1992). Only a handful of currently active companies have this extensive experience.
  • As life settlement and viatical specialists, we possess an incomparable understanding of the inner workings of the industry – we helped create it.
  • Relationships matter! We have access to the important industry players and the decision makers because we know them.
  • We are compassion-driven, not commission-driven. We do not have a sales-oriented mentality–putting your needs first comes naturally to us.
  • As Fiedler Financial (now Innovative Settlements), we were among the first companies in the United States to broker senior policy life settlements (1997). We were even featured in the New York Times because of our expertise in the life settlement process!  See the article here.
  • We do not “blanket the market,” a common practice that while seeming to benefit policy holders may actually frighten away the best offers and cause unnecessary delay in the process.
  • We recognize that selling a life insurance policy is not always the best option. When it is, we will act as your broker; when it is not, we’ll suggest alternatives.
  • Because we are a life settlement and viatical specialist, we provide complete and accurate information, so policy sellers can make informed decisions based on knowledge and insight. As a result, we have never had a client rescind a contract.
  • Life insurance settlements (viatical settlements and life settlements) are all we do; and we only represent the policy sellers. There is never a conflict of interest.
  • We have a long history of working on a legislative level to ensure consumer protection within the life insurance settlements industry.
  • We have earned an excellent reputation among our peers for being ethical and honest in all business dealings. Furthermore, we have never been subject to disciplinary action, had our license suspended or revoked, or been a party to any criminal action.
  • Innovative Settlements is not a large company; rather we have chosen to remain a relationship-oriented “boutique” settlement brokerage.
  • We do not sell nor are we involved in dealing with multiple financial or other insurance products. Since we specialize in viatical and life settlements, you can be sure no conflict of interest exists.

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